Company profile

       Anhui Guozhen Environmental Protection & Technology Joint Stock Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as GZEP) is a listed company on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock code: 300388). With its long dedication to comprehensive usage of water resources, GZEP businesses range from municipal & industrial wastewater treatment, R&D and contracting of small town wastewater treatment/small watershed management project, equipment engineering & integration, O&M as well as project investment and financing.

       With the dedication to national water works and commitment to improve the ecological environment, GZEP will create clean, satisfactory and harmonious working and living environment for the society as well as its people, thus, distinguishing itself as a first-rate service provider for comprehensive water usage in the international market.

       GZEP currently owns more than 80 WWTPs all across China reaching a capacity of 3 million tons per day. It hosts or participates in 4 National 863 Projects, 1 Science and Technology Support Program and wins the second prize of Science and Technology Advancement Award respectively in 2009 and 2012. GZEP hosts and compiles with others 13 national and industrial standards, it also owns 43 propitiatory technology and 16 invention patents.