The chairman of the board


       A word from the Chairman

       We shall unremittingly strive to make great efforts to create a clean, pleasant and harmonious environment for people’s living and work. We also consider it to be our relentless and arduous pursuit to preserve the blue sky and green hills for our descendants. Therefore, dedicating to national water industry, improving the ecological environment and establishing the Chinese national water service brand shall always be our persistent goal.

       R&D, manufacturing and integration of environmental protection equipment have formed the foundation of GZEP’s development. Our long term goals are to cultivate our own technical team; to build our brand backed by our own intellectual property; to develop world-class water treatment process technologies; to form GZEP's unique hi-tech water treatment operation methods; to acquire more sewage treatment capabilities and to protect more precious water resources.

       Running an enterprise requires the pursuit of profits, however, it is not the ultimate goal of GZEP. We firmly believe that our existence lies in the valuable service we provide to our society, which is also the core value of our enterprise. Thus, to create the value of social services and embrace the customer-oriented economy era are the guiding concepts in all the work conducted in GZEP.

       "Industry serving the nation and making contributions to our society" has been GZEP’s concept since its start-up. At the meantime, providing Guozhen people with opportunities for self-development, a platform to realize self-value, good working environment & living condition are all parts of Guozhen's people-oriented management principle.

       Building strong foundation, standardizing management, enhancing operation profits, GZEP is dedicated to creating a century-brand, and becoming a flagship enterprise in Chinese environmental protection industry. Aiming at the direction of international environmental protection technology development, striving to become international water company and maintaining the base of our company ever green have been our long-term strategic objectives.