Water operation

     Waste Water & Solid Waste Management


      Guozhen Environmental Engineering Institute has obtained various certificates such as Engineering Certificate of Environmental Project (Wastewater Treatment Project) Grade1, Consultation Certificate of Municipal Public Project (Water Supply and Drainage System) Grade2 and Consultation Certificate of Municipal Public Project (Environmental Sanitation) Grade3. It is fully capable of providing full life-span solutions regarding waste water treatment and solid waste disposal. These solutions have covered municipal and industrial wastewater collection facilities and treatment plants, reclaimed water process, sludge disposal as well as solid waste disposal.

      So far the institute has designed and constructed around 40 WWTPs and pump stations as well as a number of sludge treatment projects and watershed management projects. In cooperation with the headquarter, it facilitates operations of 51 WWTPs with a total capacity of 2300000 tons per day. Therefore, the institute enriched its experience of design and operations, which allows a close combination of theory and practice. Emphasizing technical innovations, it aims to put the latest research results into practice during project design, construction and management.