Mr Wang is a global environmental energy engineering company. Company based in the United States, for China's environmental protection. Jimmy Wang business in China mainly include water treatment, sewage treatment, water reuse, zero emissions, sludge treatment, sludge treatment and other environmental protection engineering, engineering design, project contracting, installation and operation and management, investment and financing services, while providing the world's advanced level of sewage treatment, sludge treatment technology and key equipment.

      Jimmy Wang has a experienced, well-trained and have high responsibility heart specialists, project managers and engineers, for customers to provide a full range of technical support and value-added services, so far in China has completed hundreds of projects, performance throughout the petrochemical, coal chemical industry, iron and steel, municipal, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automobile and other industries.

      Mai Wang's progress and development is based on a deep understanding of the needs of customers and the greatest satisfaction. Mai Wang closely follow the pace of advanced technology, and constantly improve the after-sales service as well as timely training of staff for a variety of, with our expertise to help customers face the challenges of environmental protection. As president Ping Zhang Alex said: "it is our greatest wish to contribute to China's environmental improvement. It is our commitment to customers, quality and environment, the king of wheat to success".